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All you need is an apartment.....

A house concert is where an artist comes to your humble abode/warehouse/loft/art space/garage/other and puts on a show for you and your friends. There are usually 10+ guests or more for larger spaces but they're always intimate and a different setting from how you usually enjoy music and it's heaps of fun.

Shows are completely DONATION BASED and guests are encouraged to be prepared to make a donation at the end of the concert - all you need is an apartment.

The idea of house concerts is something that has picked up quite a lot of steam in USA, have a look at THESE HOUSE CONCERTS or THIS COUPLE  - they're so adorable and have been doing this successfully for years. 

Send us through your information, and I'll touch back to you soon!

Tamara ❣️ 

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(We're booking Thursday/Friday/Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoons through Jan/Feb until March 20th, and we will start booking again from May 2nd through to the rest of 2017)

We'll be in touch to coordinate - thank you for supporting independent musicians!