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"During her performance at Pianos, on February 22, Tamara captivated the audience by bringing the feel of an intimate private performance to a larger venue. Grace, sincerity, clarity and heartbreak are themes that dance through her song writing. While singing, she is vulnerable, soulful and unapologetic. Her clear, crisp, soothing vocal quality, combine with haunting melodic harmonies, which blend to create an amazing performance. Her stage presence was as entrancing as her musical style.

As a one woman show, Tamara Hansson, conveys a feeling that she is never alone on stage. Layering songs with her own voice as backup vocal and percussion, using a voice Looper, Tamara is able to generate an ethereal transcendent sound that leaves you wanting more. In her writing, Tamara combines unique lyric phrases that unexpectedly catch the listener off guard, which then draw you into the emotional ride of the song.  In the song Wolf in Sheepskin, she invites the listener to experience her vulnerable side where she is “open hearted and offered freely” only to find that “he was the hunter and I was the kill”.   In the song Weather Warning, Tamara’s musicality and unique vocal quality portray the sound of falling snow, as the lyrics reflect misunderstood feelings “snow is falling so is everything”.   She also has a new single coming out called Your Bones."



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